Past Programs

Each year CISV International hosts over 260 programs with around 10,000 participants, leaders and staffs from all around the world. As UNESCO-partnered organization, we foster lifelong intercultural friendship, development of mutual respect and effective communication and leadership skills to building a just and fair world. Here are where CISV Boston contributed.


Aluxes and CHAneques Village 2017

48 Youths (age 11) from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Philippines and Denmark spent their four weeks building global friendship and learning about each other. CISV Boston sent a delegation of 4 participants and 1 leader.


2017 interchange with austria/boston/philadelphia

A group of 5 US participants from Boston and Philadelphia partnered up with a counterpart from Linz, Austria. For two weeks, they lived at their house - sharing their families and culture while learning more about issues of each country.


Village 2017 in Northeast ohio & chattanooga

Each Program is organized and supervised by trained leaders and staffs. They are essential component as they evaluate and ensure our youths have a positive educational experience. CISV Boston sent two staffs in 2017. 


The high hope - seminar camp 2017

Twenty-nine Youths (age 17/18) from Egypt, Italy, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Finland and Brazil participated in a three-week seminar camp where they develop global leadership, responsibilities and self-awareness. CISV Boston sent a leader to be the program director.